Monday, September 16, 2013

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Hey lovelies, how was your weekend? Baby and I were both feeling a little under the weather, so we spent most of it indoors. On Sunday, we went to church then to my mothers house to spend some time with her. Other than that, our weekend was not pretty eventful.

Today, I thought I'd write a quick little post on a makeup and skincare tip I think most of us know, just don't follow. That is cleaning your makeup brushes. Yes, a tedious task but one that will make a world of difference in makeup application and on the health of your skin. It's recommended to deep clean your brushes once a month, but I will be honest, I used to do it about every three months. It's not so much because I'm lazy, but I just forgot to make time for cleaning my brushes.

For the past six months, I have been setting a reminder on my phone the first Sunday of every month to clean my brushes and I have noticed a dramatic difference in my skin and makeup application. If you think about, when you use your brushes over your breakouts, you continue to spread the bacteria that caused the breakouts over your face every time you use it. This causes you to continue breaking out and never heal. So if you have problem with breakouts, I recommend you make time to clean your brushes monthly and you will notice your face will be clearer. As for makeup application, well the buildup of eyeshadow, foundation, blush, and other makeup products on our brushes doesn't allow the true color to be applied. I personally have multiple eyeshadow brushes so that I can use one for about a week and not have to worry about cleaning it until the beginning of the next month.

How often do you wash your brushes? Do you forget like I used to? 

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