Tuesday, October 1, 2013

NOTD | same color different names?

Hello lovelies, how have you been? I'm been pretty busy these past two week, with my daughter getting into the swing of head start, school assignments, and getting a dog about a week ago! The story behind the dog is kind of funny actually, my family and I wanted a puppy and a friend of ours was giving his away because he just couldn't take care of her anymore. Well, we jumped at the opportunity, thinking she was a young dog. We were told she was 11 months, then 8, but then gave us a paper dating back to 2011. So we aren't sure how old she is, and won't know until the end of the week when we take her to the vet. We still love her very much, she grew on us pretty quickly! My 13 month old is still getting used to her, but we know she will absolutely love having her in her life.

Anyways, enough rambling and let's get to the point of this post. So I recently picked up two new color from Essie's 2013 Fall Collection,  Vested Interest and For The Twill of It. I fell in love with both when I saw swatches of them online so I had to pick them up. The same day that I received them in the mail I decided to pull out all of my fall colors, and what do I find? Essie School of Hard Rock from a collection released in 2011, the exact same color as one of my new polish, just renamed!

I know, I am being such a drama queen, but seriously?! Why would Essie release two polish from different collection that were the EXACT color just different names? I decided to test out my theory and painted my nails with both polish. On my left I applied Vested Interest and on my right School of Hard Rock. Well, the colors look the same on the bottle and on my nails as well.

School of Hard Rocks on my right

Vested Interest on my left

I was a bit disappointed that Essie would do that, but I guess its my own fault for owning so many nail polish! Either way, both colors are beautiful grey-green and perfect for fall! I would say that Vested Interest lasted a little longer without chipping, but it could just be because I use my right hand more than I use my left. 

What new colors have you picked up recently?


  1. Ugh how annoying! If it's going to be exactly the same colour, they shouldn't be able to just rename it. But... at least it's a gorgeous colour though! I have waaaay too many pinks, need to start stocking up on other colours.

    Amy | Bubbles & Blush

    1. It definitely is annoying! But I agree, beautiful color, nonetheless. I would definitely recommend it! :) Thanks for the comment!


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