Friday, October 10, 2014

My go to Fall Lipstick

Hello lovelies and happy Friday! Not only is today Friday, but it's the start of a long weekend for me; very excited! I thought that for today, I'd share with you guys my go-to fall lipstick! If you didn't already know, I love fall, and I also absolutely love lipsticks! I wear very simple and minimal makeup so a good lipstick is a must for me!

  • MAC Love Goddess: This lipstick is a limited edition (sorry) from Mac's Marilyn Monroe collection. It is a beautiful pinkish red with a satin finish that is very long lasting. To be quite honest, this color is great year round. I am so sad that it is almost finishing! :(
  • MAC Plumful: A pinkish plum with a lustre finish, MAC Plumful is a great everyday lipstick. It is not as long lasting as other MAC lipstick, but because of the finish, it is so easy to apply and build. 
  • MAC Russian Red: Another beautiful color that is pretty good year round, Mac Russian Red is, as the name suggest, a red lipstick with a matte finish. Even though it has a matte finish, I don't find it to be too drying on the lips. 
  • MAC Rebel: This is my all time favorite dark lipstick! Rebel is a plum lipstick with a satin finish that looks amazing on any skin tone. This lipstick is so versatile, making any look more dark or as great pop of color. 
  • Urban Decay Hush: This is my second lipstick from Urban Decay and I cannot wait to try more! Hush is a pink nude for those days when you want to tone down the lipstick. It still has a bit of color, it is extremely moisturizing, and long lasting!
  • Tarte Hope: Last, but certainly not least, Hope is a rosy matte lip tint. It is suppose to be lip plumping, which I don't really see the effects of it, but it is a beautiful color nonetheless. Just another great lipstick for when you want to tone down your look.  
What lipsticks have you been loving this fall?

Esty <3 

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